World Press Freedom Day

There are very nosy people all over the world. They have the crazy notion that the public should be made aware of things that happen around them; things that affect their lives. These people are called Journalists and they report on facts and events to the best of their abilities. Most journalists do this because of some sort of sacred duty, not for money or fame. Journalists possess a curiosity that most folks don’t. I’m not sure why that is. But I’m sure that’s what makes them do the job.

In some parts of the world people get shot or imprisoned for doing this work. Check Reporters without boarders and get back to me. Can you imagine getting jailed or killed…or worse, for doing your job? Nothing like getting your head beat in by a uniformed official to make a day at the office stink.

Today is World Press Freedom Day. Apparently the UN believes that freedom of the press is essential to maintain a democratic society. Damn right.

Whenever I have a shit day when I’m sitting at my desk I remember, “at least I’m not being shot at or mutilated.”

Conor Oberst just played “When the president talks to god” on Jay Leno. Holy shit. I wonder what the boys watching in Iraqi thought about it? Maybe there is hope yet.


2 comments on “World Press Freedom Day

  1. Kaylyn says:

    I saw that performance last night too, I was shocked, I half expected them to cut off his mike or something. Such a strong dissenting viewpoint isn’t something I often see on the mainstream late night shows. Neil Young had a great analogy going about red, white and blue chickens last summer, I remember Conan was having a hard time following. This guy though wasn’t pulling any punches. ( I was also sort of curious to see what Jay would say after the song. It was definitely cool to see.

  2. Tyler More says:

    Neil Young is a genius. I haven’t seen the performance mentioned, but as far as Conan’s reaction is concerned, Conan shouldn’t talk to anybody ever.

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