New Job

I’m going to work. I’m rather anxious. The weekend went quickly. Gone in the blink of the eye. Saw a traditional marriage rally subverted by the equal right camp. Ann argued her face off with one of the “traditionalists.” Her sign said:

“When the bible becomes a tool to demonize and persecute, the prophetic voice is lost.”

Somebody took offense with the word demonize being used in the same sentence with bible. Ann is the best.
The rest of the weekend included little sleep and plenty of unique red wine. My good friend Cam offered stunning insight into Molson’s new caffine beer.

I’m pretty sure the stuff could fuck up some people pretty badly. The only people who should ever drink it are probably Vietnam veterans, paranormal investigators or writers.
-Cam Hedley

An inspiring story called New Job by Stanley Donwood…


2 comments on “New Job

  1. Mingus says:

    So, it would be fine for me?

    Is this the kick beer?

    I thoroughly disapprove of the new brand. It will fail within months.

  2. Tyler More says:

    I don’t know Mingus. I haven’t tried it. I prefer to speak from experience. Old Hedley offered the same prediction. I like the idea of nomadic Kick fiends scouring every liquor store in the country to get their hands on the last of the supply.

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