Show pitch

So, MJ–the king of pop is a free man after beating molestation charges…
Everybody knows he’ll never make another hit record to save his life. Which doesn’t really matter because Thriller has some around a gazillion copies.
So I propose he does a reality television show…but not just any reality show. It’s going to be a reality tv show with a gimmick. Okay, okay, it’s exactly like every other reality television show ever made.
I say MJ takes his best rhinestone glove and tours the crisis areas of the world. A month in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Darfur Sudan. He’ll live just like the locals…only he’ll be in his stage get-up and camera crews will follow him around 24/7. If we’re lucky, and we will be, he’ll cry a lot. He’ll be sad because his gold tassels are dirty, he hasn’t eaten any $100 a-plate-food and hasn’t read any Barely Legal magazines…
The added bonus is we’ll be illustrating serious global issues for people whom otherwise wouldn’t care to learn about war and famine. They will tune in simply to see a famous celebrity shame himself on television but they will stay for the stirring and poignant images of ravaged countries and peoples.
We’ll win Emmys, I swear.


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