Tonight…the dead walk the Earth!

The Zombie movie is the greatest genre of film in history. Take a few scared, desperate human beings, toss them into a variety of environments ( farm house, mall, underground bunker, etc.), mix with flesh-eating zombies and you’ve got yourself a classic.

George A. Romero has built the zombie genre from the ground up. Tonight, I will witness the first movie from him in 2 decades…Land of the Dead. My expectations are extremely high. I’d fear I’d be let down if I thought it wouldn’t deliver. But I know it will…

A review to come…

Like anybody visits here anyway.


One comment on “Tonight…the dead walk the Earth!

  1. R.Lee says:

    hi Tyler!
    hows it going!
    the only zombie movie i remember watching was resident evil. I think movies based on the walking dead have quite gross imagery, and with my movies, i enjoy pleasant entertaining times:P im not fond of horror flicks either. Too stressful! :P

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