I decided a little while ago I’d attempt to write a dirty story for submission to a dirty magazine. The story has been giving me quite the run around. I’m not sure what I’m aiming for…

Girls to like it? Guys to like it?

Beats me. I’m going to a dive bar tonight and drink pint after pint of domestic beer. If I’m not inspired I’ll quit it tonight and never write anything with sex in it again.

Oh. Before I forget…

As always Ralph is a fuck-ass. So he didn’t get what he wanted. He says, “If queers are allowed to marry in this country, then nobody is allowed to get married in this province.”

Yep. That’s mature.


One comment on “Troubles

  1. Colin says:

    the best way to make a story dirtier is to add animals. nothing like a horny turtle to spice things up.

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