A frozen cake spiraling into infinity

To commemorate the time I’ve spent at the office during the summer another summer student and I are having our picture laser scanned onto a DQ ice cream cake. We will eat the cake with our faces on it in one lunch hour.

We plan to have a picture taken of ourselves while we eat the cake that has our faces on it. One day that picture will be scanned onto yet another cake…there will be another picture taken of that…

And so on.

The cake will be a window into the infinite expanse of time and space.

I can’t believe nobody has thought of it before.

Grizzly Beard

Been out in the middle of nowhere and loved it. No cars. No meth-head locals wandering like ghouls. No signs. No concrete.

Just trees and mountains. Walked for three hours and didn’t see a single person. City living is for fools.

Better to grow a beard and head for the hills.