Mitch with Stilts

Mitch got teased in high school. All the pretty girls ignored him. The jocks teased him and pinched his nipples. Even the teachers didn’t respect Mitch.

But then the County Fair came to town. Mitch went to watch the carnies that made Mitch feel a little bit about himself but that changed when he saw a giant-thin legged man in a psychedelic top hat.

“Hey how did you get so tall?” Mitch asked.

“With stilts ugly!” said the giant.

After that day, Mitch built his very own pair of stilts from discarded chopsticks and recycled prosthetic parts donated by the Prosthetic Limb Recycling Centre.

He went to school wearing his stilts and kicked everybody in the face. He never went back there again.

Some say he takes great strides across the country with his big stilts, kicking the faces of jerk high school students but he probably just joined the circus.


One comment on “Mitch with Stilts

  1. Callisto says:

    That’s a really interesting story. I liked it.

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