Reader Requests

Julianna requests that you write about your political views on the bush admin. How teens are dressing, or movie stars.

I request you write about odd sociological phenomenon like….
why do people feel the need to wear/consume name brand products
why people always face the door in a elevator
why when men and women hold hands is the guys arm/hand always in the front?
And why does it feel weird when you switch it up?

Well…Several aspects of the Bush administration are frightening. They possess a fierce opposition to critical introspection. They believe they are right. Nothing else matters.

Teens dress like slutty movies stars. I’m happy to be neither a teen nor a movie star.

I’m not sure why people wear brand-name clothes and consume brand-name products. Mostly because stores sell brand name goods and people don’t want to feel like they are wearing silly clothes if they can afford it. So they buy expensive designer clothes to feel good about themselves. People are very concerned with appearences.

People face the front of the elevator because they don’t want to look at each other. People are afraid if they look at each other they might see or show the truth: people don’t know how to be human anymore.

On hand holding: I’ve never really thought about it. But I agree it feels weird when you switch it up.


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