The Company Picnic

The meadow beside the Akron Designery had been decorated for the annual employee picnic. A banner hung between the only two trees in the field.
“Welcome,” it said.

All the employees were there: Mitch with Stilts, Peter Jailface, Jeremy Bottle, Nuclear Wheelbarrow Kelly, The Despot, Bob Dylan, The entire league of extrodinary sounding last names, Erine Fellerbottom, the fearsome robot-cowboys of Meadowlark Plaza, Parry Hotter Boy-Gargoyle, Ropey Molotov, Baker Eugene, The muffin Blackheart, and Weird Al.

They were joined by the staff of the Prosthetic Limb Recycling Centre, a divison of the Akron Designery. They drank Tang and took Methadone.


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