Four Quarters of the Way Done

Finished. Thanks to everybody that read the ordeal. Thanks to those who sponsored it. It is my statement to the disposable nature of this medium.

Please read the thing from bottom to top. It will never make much sense, but it makes more sense if you go in chronological order.

I’ve thought that the only important thing to do in order to gain a blog readership is to post often. It doesn’t matter what you write. Just as long as it is new. I think that because it’s the way I read blogs. Not carefully or thoughtfully, just voraciously.

Please read books instead. What a mess.


2 comments on “Four Quarters of the Way Done

  1. Colin says:

    unfortunately its hard to find most books online. i found 1984 and read it about 8 times. ahh desk jobs.

  2. Tyler More says:

    It’s a good one. Desk jobs at the ministry of truth indeed.

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