Zombie Apocalypse

I woke up hungry. I lumbered past the fridge. There is nothing in it anyway. I ate my neighbours and their kids instead. Soon they were hungry too. We went looking for more food together. Pretty soon the entire neighbourhood was hungry and looking for food.

Brains! Brains! Brains!

Home at last

Things looked amiss immediately after my arrival. The spiders were gone. Even the smashed bodies of their fallen brethren disappeared. My empties had been stacked into a pyramid in the centre of the room.

Ghosts are working around here.


This is it. Post 150.

Magical, no?

The weight of the world has been heavy these days. Mass-murders, global distruction and the threat of a world wide flu outbreak take up most of the time.

Down another can of Bowen Island. Deny closet alcoholism to those dealt with on daily basis. Remember the husk?

Let them eat cake and choke.