Christmas eve dice and the husk

Every Christmas eve my family plays dice. The ritual has turned into a serious tournament. There is a prize and a commemorative plaque for the winner. Competition is stiff as dice is a luck-based game. I haven’t won it yet. But it has been a good year so I’m feeling confident.

I realized the one year anniversary of this blog came and went on Dec. 15. Happy belated birthday mutant. The blog was never intended to be read by anyone so to all the fine people who drop in occasionally and comment, thank you. You are all invited for Gin fizz if you’re ever in Edmonton.

Online publishing is an interesting concept. To reach a large audience you must be dedicated and have something to say. There isn’t any money in it either. Most hobbies are like that.

The Husk hasn’t been given the dedication or direction to truly set it apart from all the other millions out there. But that’s okay. Every thing comes in time. The new project should be fairly exciting. The content will be a snap but the design is another story.

Enjoy the holidays. Never mind the perpetual hangover. January is at hand and 2006 promises to be a definitive year in the history of the planet.

Take it easy.

Merry Christmas


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