Another year, another crushing defeat

Blast. Only 250 points away from the prize. It happened to be an LED camping lantern. Not too shabby.
Everybody excited for 2006? The people behind the Husk sure aren’t. Every minute of everyday brings us closer to looming shortages of water and oil, a more crowded and violent planet and full-on destruction.

Public Husk Predictions for 2006:

1) Sale of post-Apocalyptic goggles increases.

2) George W. sprouts horns and a tail in front of the Washington press Corp. The White House turns red.

3) Another season of Survivor goes unnoticed.

4) Dr. Phil is charged with having sex with a goat.

5) That goat is Michael Jackson.

6) China lands on the moon and immediately sets up the first sweatshop in space. It makes American flags.

7) I run as a Green party candidate in the next Canadian federal election. The next election will be called as soon as the results of the last election (Jan.23) are returned. I lose to a Conservative moose named Curtis Taxless.

8) Google will start a micronation in the South Pacific. They threaten to remove their search engine from the web unless the UN recognizes their sovereignty. Google-opia is born as Kofi Annan is an avid gmail user.

9) This is the best post of the year.

10) A new hat is invented called the trout-stick.

Enjoy everybody.


2 comments on “Another year, another crushing defeat

  1. Colin says:

    ha ha ha
    happy new year

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