Peaceful Sleeps

2 comments on “Peaceful Sleeps

  1. Rita. says:

    Tyler, this is Rita. This squirrel picture is upsetting.. Everytime I come to your site, I’m reminded of the horror that is the poor, little, dead squirrel.. Could it possibly be replaced by say a hand drawn picture of the same thing??? It may prove to be easier to come to your site.. for me at least. just a request, I won’t mind if it will be overlooked by you.. :) Looking at that poor little thing though is really sad… anyway, thanks for calling me earlier this week.. It was good to hear from you.. Talk again soon, I hope.

  2. Tyler More says:

    Don’t worry. It was sleeping. It got up as soon as I finished taking the picture. Then it got married and had children. I swear.

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