Effigy Wednesday!

Two-thousand and six promises to be the year of the effigy. Better get on the bandwagon now or risk getting labelled as a trendwhore.

Start with a good base of materials:
The key to a successful effigy is flammable materials. You don’t want to put sweat and tears into a product that won’t light. All of your friends will go home upset and you’ll be the shame of the town.
Soak long sections of newspapers in gasoline. Stuff them into some pants and a shirt. Second-stores are a great place to grab these items. This will make up the body of your effigy.

Assemble the details:
Put extra effort into the face. There is no sense signifying your disgust of someone with flame if no one can recognize it. Enlist the help of a creative friend if you’re not confident with your designing abilities. The inclusion of hands and feet are debatable.

Putting your effigy on a stick:
Some effigists simply ram a broom stick into their effigy and call it a day. Go the extra distance and attach a section of wire to the head and dangle your effigy like a fishing lure. This ensures your safety and the swaying effect is awe-inspiring.

Lighting your effigy:
Many first-timers will douse their effigy in gas and light the head immediately. You’ll be smart and start with the legs. The crowd will witness flames slowly engulfing the effigy climaxing with the head. The audience will be thankful you gave them an experience to savour.


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