PM going on vacation

Canadian Press reports Stephen Harper is set to travel to Afganistan. Good for him. I hear they’ve got some great opium.

I can see it now, Harper siting in the back of a ’80s era jeep with select members of the Northern Alliance puffing on a brick of Kandahar’s finest. He’ll be in a stylish headress. He’ll be brandishing an old AK-47. He’ll be so taken in by the hospitality he’ll grow a beard and change his name to Ahmed. Canada’s leadership will never be the same.

Any ideas why he’s going to one of the poorest countries in the world? Perhaps he knows where Usama’s been hiding and rather than leave such an important task to chance, he’s going to the mountains to get the most wanted man in the world. Maybe Ottawa’s gotten to him.

Who knows?


2 comments on “PM going on vacation

  1. Adam says:

    Come on, admit it. You only know this because you’re going too to act as a tour guide.

  2. Tyler More says:

    I wish. I’d love to see is face when he eats his first Kandahar tim-bit. He’ll taste that sour cream flavoured morsel and remember what freedom is about–selling double doubles all over the world.

    The Public Husk doesn’t have the budget line to embark on such glorious projects, I’m afraid.

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