To 666 or the number of the beast

Several people have been asking if anything supernatural will happen today–June 6, 2006 or 06/06/06. The answer, of course, is no. The calendar is a man-made construct, so evil has no bearing over it. Unless one considers anything man-made sort of inherantly evil to begin with, which I do.


Fergis T. McGillicuddy

PS: You are Iron Maiden’s best song.


5 comments on “To 666 or the number of the beast

  1. The post for 06.06.06

    So I had to write something here, even just to have the date recorded on this blog! But it's not just that…
    … Something interesting happened today, and keep in mind, that this is of all days that it could happen!
    I got lunch (lasagne an…

  2. Ildrien says:

    I think evil is man-made construct, so don’t expect other evilish things but those man-made f*cking exams…

  3. GrimJack says:

    I would like to just point to Aphrodite’s Child by 666 – I still can’t believe Irene Papas’ take on Infinity.



  4. cover girl says:

    Satan is evil, and God is not going to tell us when Jesus will return. For Jesus Himself does not know, only God knows. And no, no one will be able to predict it.

    By ourselves, we cannot battle Satan for he is much stronger than us and will consume us in a second. But if we have God on our side, then we will win.

    Go to under “Jenny’s Testimony” to read more on salvation.

    God Bless, send me an email at, for I will not be able to check back here.


  5. Joseoh David says:

    I was born on 03/01/1976 and if you add it all up it = the number 27 and 9 time’s 3 = 27 and if you turn those number 9’s around you get 666 and 9 minus 3 = 6etc. Thank you.

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