3-Day Madness Ahead

This just in:

3-Day Novel Contest Finalists

I sound like a dumbass and I’m pretty embarrassed about the whole thing, well just the parts that make me sound like a pussy-hungry pervert. But then again, what writer isn’t sex-hungry?:

A recent graduate of Grant MacEwan’s journalism program, Tyler Morency’s start in writing came out of simple practicality: “I started writing when I was a young lad with a sickly childhood and realized sports was not going to be the way I could get laid.”

A veteran 3-Day Novel Contest finalist, Tyler offers the following description of his experience: “Hellacious, terrifying, shameful, disappointing and thrilling; anyone who says otherwise hasn’t attempted the 3-Day Novel Contest before.”

A freelance journalist, Tyler’s accustomed to tight deadlines. “I’m interested to see how the other writers hold up under the intense pressure of the camera people, the rubberneckers, and the looming deadline monster,” says Tyler. “At the beginning you’re filled with an optimism you could actually see this through…By day three you’re very tired and your story doesn’t make any sense and your dialogue is shite. It’s very easy to become critical of yourself and your ability as a wordsmith.”


8 comments on “3-Day Madness Ahead

  1. Colin says:

    i voted for you in that poll thing, i think that gave you 2 whole votes.

    good luck

  2. Rita says:

    This is so awesome. I’m proud of you.

  3. Ming says:

    Embarrassed? You’re gonna look like a fucking rock star. YEAH! And looks like it was quite an accomplishment to make that cut, really. Should be lots o’ fun.

  4. Tyler More says:

    The competition is uber-talented. It includes published authors, long-time newspaper columnists and critically acclaimed poets. So, I’m fucking lucky to be involved.

    Contact your local satellite provider today!

  5. Adam says:

    Come on, be honest. What you’re not telling anyone is that the grand prize is a contract for a monthly column in “Playboy”…

  6. mt says:

    lord in heaven, why arent you using your internet powers to rig the poll voting? Man!

  7. Ali Riley says:

    Oh Tyler,
    Angel/Devil on my left shoulder…how can I go on without your quizzicle looks
    (while taking out one of your ear pods to hear whatever appropro of nothing sleep deprived remark I just made)

    and wistful pronouncments (highlight: “it would be so easy to just…” as you slid the clear plastic trash bag around in your hands)

    Your leeches in the justice pit permeate the
    Freudean ether…my dreams will never be the same.

  8. Electrolucy says:

    You were great Tyler! I can’t wait to read yours someday!!!

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