Dear Kurt Vonnegut

Happy Birthday. It’s funny that you were born on Remembrance Day, a day of reflection on humankind’s worst failures at maintaining civility. We reflect on the cost of those failures on men and women. Most of them innocent and helpless.

This year, I forgot about wearing a poppy. I regret that. I didn’t go to the Cenotaph for a service either. I stood in the centre of the produce/salad-dressing aisle in a downtown Safeway during the moment of silence. A voice, presumably the manager’s, came over the intercom. It told us to have a moment of silence.

I did. Someone asked if they needed red peppers. A man in a motorized wheel chair wheeled past, thanking me for moving out of his way. Then the voice returned. It thanked us for being silent. Everybody started shopping again.

Thank you for making me remember that people can be better to people than people have been in the past.


Fergis T. McGillicuddy

Dear Readers

Writing letters can be a difficult task. Writing novels is surely a harder task. So writing a novel in three days must be the most difficult literary task in existence.

Now, I don’t ask for much charity my friends, but I have a favour to ask of you, please vote for my good friend Tyler Morency in the upcoming 3-Day Novel Contest. He needs your help. He’s going to be stranded on television with 11 other writers, living in a giant book store, attempting to finish a novel in three days. If you don’t vote for him, he doesn’t get to choose his bunk or where he sits. That will be rough. I’ve been told the store is haunted.

But I’ve also been told there will be impromptu street hockey…So who knows?

Please show your support.


Fergis T. McGillicuddy