To The Commenter Known As “Superman”


There is nothing wrong with US President George Bush and Canadian Prime Minster Stephen Harper enjoying the benefit of each other’s companies…and military-industrial complexes.

We’ll never know what kind of strange conversations they have behind steel-reinforced doors, and what we don’t know obviously can’t hurt us.

However, what we do know is Mr. Bush refers to Mr. Harper as “Steve.” Nobody on the planet refers to Stephen Harper as “Steve.” Not publicly, at least. Even the Queen of England calls him Stephen.

I believe Mr. Bush shouldn’t call him Stephen…even when Stephen is wearing his zip-up “outside” vest.


Fergis T. McGillicuddy


To the Freaky Relationship Between Stephen Harper and George W. Bush



I’m glad that you allowed Harper to give George a belt buckle for his birthday.

However, I’m not glad that you also allowed George to call Stephen ‘Steve.’

That’s not cool.


Fergis T. McGillicuddy