A Story About Eating An Apple a Day

Today, I packed an apple for lunch; it was the only thing I brought. It was a red delicious apple. During the course of a day at work, I must engage in a number of menial tasks like typing, speaking on the telephone, etc. etc.

I tend to adopt a nonchalant attitude toward these work tasks and unfortunately eating is lumped in with them.

I was typing away at a truly marvelous sentence when I felt hungry. Not wanting to break my concentration, I grabbed the apple and took a large bite without looking at it. It didn’t taste very good, which I found odd because I like apples. Apples usually taste good. However, this apple didn’t taste good at all. It tasted terrible.

I continued to chew slowly. I was going to take another bite until I looked down and discovered the inner core had turned into a spongy brown mush. The regular apple meat could be separated from the mush like peeling a banana. When the doctors come for me, I will tell them this story.

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