A Government Official Is Offered a Bribe

“A machine that changes the homeless into food isn’t something the public wants right now. Thanks, but no thanks,” said Public Works Manager Charles Gumby.

“The project has been extremely successful in cities like Westown and Cragley,” said the slick, sensible suited sales representative. “The public is easily swayed once the benefits of the Despot-O-Tron are demonstrated.”

The machine, or several machines rather, would be set-up in a large warehouse and the city’s homeless population would be carted there on chartered buses.

“Tell them it is a brand new state of the art shelter,” the salesperson said.
Once there they would be inserted into one end of the machine, meet a horrible and violent end, then come out the other end in a beautifully package of processed food marketed towards upper middle class professionals.

“The sales of the product go directly into city’s books after paying the small overhead of the factory’s operations, the technicians and land-use fees and such,” said the man. “The project pays for itself in as little as five years.”

Gumby had difficulty trying to comprehend the terrible nature of the inner workings of the machine. He tried to swallow as he thought about it.

“You say Westown and Cragley approved this project.” Gumby asked.

“With great success.”

“I still think the murder of innocent people is morally reprehensible,” Gumby said.

The man in the suit smiled and produced a block of incredible cheese from his pocket and held it toward Gumby.

“There’s much more where this comes from,” he said.

It was a well-known fact that Public Works Manager Charles Gumby was a cheese man.

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