Saturdays can be pretty boring for somebody who is chronically unemployable. Edmonton is filled with the active and wealthy, flaunting their upward social mobility like a badge of honour. That travel the streets sipping six dollar coffees and shopping for B & D supplies whilst toting their Prada bags.

The bums sing:

Jeremy wears a yogurt helmet, he’s buckling his granola sword.
He’s going to do battle with a beast called breakfast.


Never go to college

Blog rolling

Some of my associate contemporaries have started up their very own blogs. Give them a look if you don’t have anything better to do.

Go for a walk and never turn your computer on again if you do.

Neesh’s universe.It’s a cranky universe.

Cassandra is far cooler than most people.

Comment on them. I bet they feel lonely.


I had this terrible dream. A purple stone monster punched through my chest. It was underwater.

I had another dream. I fell through the bottom of a plane and plummeted toward the earth.

Dreams are neat. Nightmares are not. I wish I could dream.

Instead I plan to vote in the December federal elections.

Mysterious Fitness System

Good day.

Not much activity. Hibernation. Promise to handle more effectively. Working hard now. Planning to organize, organizing to plan.

Very effective.

Writing news stories. Plenty of news stories. There is much going on out there.

Or not.